what is this episode about?

In this episode of Female Athlete Nutrition I share a bit about my personal journey with nutrition and athletics. Starting from a young age, I was determined, regimented, and focused on achieving my physical goals.

Naturally, being regimented and focused on my nutrition became an important part of that athletic desire. I started counting calories at a young age and was strict with my diet.

But this focus on nutrition only worked for a limited amount of time. By senior year of college, my strict nutrition habits were starting to hurt me. I wasn't reaching my athletic goals, I was gaining unwanted weight, and I was craving food all the time.

I was frustrated with my body, felt like a failure at my sport, and perhaps worst of all, I felt like a fraud in my future career as a dietitian.

Over the next few years I finally figured out how to stop dieting & restricting food, how to overcome disordered eating, how to enjoy food freedom, how to love my body, and all the while, while still achieving my athletic goals.

If you want the same thing, don't wait as long as I did to get the help needed. I've walked in your shoes and I can show you the way.

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