what is this episode about?

In this episode I talk about Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport, aka RED-S, a condition which negatively impacts an athlete’s performance and health. I review the many signs and symptoms of RED-S, as well as reasons why you might find yourself with this condition.


I also review female athlete triad, amenorrhea, eating disorders, low bone mineral density/osteoporosis and how all of these conditions are related. I share some surprising and scary statistics about how many female athletes are afflicted with these health conditions and why it can be so detrimental to your health and your performance including altered hormones and suppressed metabolism.


Although RED-S is common in men and male athletes, I do speak of the importance of a female’s menstrual cycle and its role in (or lack thereof) in RED-S throughout this episode.


The root problem with RED-S is not getting enough energy for your body’s unique sport needs. Do you know how much energy YOU need? Some people find themselves with this condition due to an eating disorder, or disordered eating tendencies, due to ignorance and lack of nutrition education, due to over-exercising, or a sudden change in their exercise/training regime without proper nutrition changes, or perhaps a unique combination of it all. If you think you are showing signs or symptoms of RED-S seek out medical attention and the assistance of a Sports Dietitian. Guess what...I know the perfect one ;) It’s me! Click the button below to book your free 15-minute call and overcome RED-S ASAP

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