what is this episode about?

The holiday season is here! And though it should be a time to celebrate and be grateful, for many there can be a lot of stress and anxiety around food and exercise. 


In this episode I talk about the many food challenges people face during the holiday season and encourage you to imagine what the holidays would be like without these stressors. Whether it’s anxiety about what to eat, how much to eat, when or how much to exercise, dealing with restriction, binging, or compensation, a lot of my clients have felt the same way you do at one point or another. I share how a few of them overcame these holiday struggles and encourage you to reach out if you’d like this year’s holiday experience to be better than the last.


I'd love to hear about your vision when you imagine what life would be like on the holidays without any stress about food, without any anxiety about your body .... when you have that vision, send me an email or go right ahead and book a call! Lindsey.RiseUpNutrition@gmail.com

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