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Today’s guest is Mary Cain,a professional middle-distance runner, Tracksmith NYC Manager, and one of my clients here at Rise Up Nutrition. In this episode we talk about what the 2020 year has brought for her including a new job, surgery, advocacy work, and continuing to share her story of RED-S, disordered eating, and mental health struggles of her past to give hope and inspiration to female athletes around the globe. 


We talk about her approach to nutrition and running moving forward in her career and life, and the importance of seeking help from trustworthy professionals. Although Mary is well versed on the detrimental effects of RED-S and eating disorders now, she is honest that it wasn’t so easy when she was experiencing it first hand herself. She goes in depth on the struggle to understand what her body & mind was going through, including some denial, and she shares the reality that she is still on this journey, albeit with a great team and support system moving forward.


Mary’s advice is to seek professional guidance sooner, rather than later!


You can follow Mary Cain on Instagram @RunMaryCain 


Bio that was read in the intro: Mary Cain is a professional middle-distance runner, and Tracksmith NYC Manager. She was the youngest American to represent the US at a World Championships meet in 2013 at age 17. She has run remarkable times and set records in distances from 800 meters to 3000 meters in the sport of Track & Field. In 2019 Mary publicly shared her story of the physical and mental abuse that she endured while at the Nike Oregon Project through a video op-ed with the New York Times. Since then, Mary has spoken out about her experiences with RED-S, disordered eating, mental health to help other female athletes who may be struggling with these experiences. 

To read the NYT Op-Ed please visit:  “I was the Fastest Girl in American Until I Joined Nike”

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