what is this episode about?

Have your nutrition concerns developed after traumatic events? Has your discipline, something that helped you set goals and succeed in the past, suddenly become your demise?


This episode features a conversation with one of my clients here at Rise Up Nutrition who speaks to both of these topics from personal experience. Sidney is active duty military having deployed many times and undergone rigorous training, as well as a former collegiate basketball player. She became a client to improve her nutrition after events in her personal life created trauma and stress. A decline in her mental health led to a severe decline in her physical health. And when her personal identity and sense of self was lost, her ability to help herself in ways she knew was also lost. In this episode, I wanted to talk to Sidney about goal setting in light of the New Year approaching as she has set so many goals in her life, and achieved much. But perhaps her biggest accomplishment is regaining her sense of self and her health, which was accomplished with very loose goals. 

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