what is this episode about?

The time of year when our society tells us to set health & fitness goals is when “diet culture” is at its worst. In this episode I express my frustration with diet culture and how it causes the “diet cycle” in so many people: The cycle of feeling like you need to change your body, begin restricting food, then feel deprived, then have cravings or “give in”, then feel guilt and shame for breaking the diet and therefore feeling the need to change yourself once again or start over, hence repeating the cycle. I hate this cycle! I share a few stories of clients who have been stuck in the diet cycle and why my mission of helping female athletes understand food as fuel, and have fun while doing it, is so important. Since it is a new year I can’t help but reflect on 2020 and the growth of this business and my mission. I dive into my nutrition philosophies that set the foundation for work I do here at Rise Up Nutrition LLC, chat a bit about the solutions I offer clients, what I look forward to in 2021 and why YOU should take action now to get in touch.

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