what is this episode about?

Today's conversation is with fellow Registered Dietitian Paula Strum RDN FMN CFSP to address the multitude of gut concerns that people face. We chat about all the fun stuff: bloating, diarrhea, constipation, IBS, heartburn, gluten intolerance, and more! Paula expresses the importance of finding the root cause of these gut issues and getting professional help as opposed to starting restrictive elimination diets on your own which may make things worse for years to come. In addition to testing, and proper functional foods, Paula also touches on digestive issues due to stress, anxiety, and our enteric nervous system expressing the importance of emotional healing.


Official Bio: Paula is a registered dietitian with a focus on functional medical nutrition as well as a Master level trained NeuroLinguistic Programer and hypnotherapist. Her business, Radically Nourished located in San Diego, CA, primarily helps individuals work through challenging gut issues as well as helps women overcome the challenges hormone imbalances create. Blending science and energy work she brings a creative twist to the healing journey. You can find Paula at Www.radicallynourished.com or on Facebook search Radically Nourished @radically_nourished.

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