what is this episode about?

If your child is showing signs of disordered eating or undereating but won’t listen to your advice to “eat more” here are some reasons to consider why they aren’t listening!


If you are a young athlete yourself maybe you can listen and give this to your parents to explain how you are feeling! And if you’re not a parent, this insight may be helpful if you someday *might become* a parent.


If I didn’t make myself clear while recording I do want to express that disordered eating behaviors happen for a variety of reasons and there is most likely nothing that you did as a parent to cause this. 


Even when I mention “hypocrisy” I say that in the viewpoint of my young clients but know that your actions were never intended to hurt your child. In fact, you are probably doing everything you possibly can out of the most unconditional love that you have … and yet, still it's a problem.


Please do not take anything that I say to be pointing fingers. I am not a parent and I'm not in your shoes. My only intent of this episode is to express the viewpoint of your child … and why this is all so difficult based on my own personal experiences and the experiences of clients I have worked with in the past.

Resources mentioned:

  • How to talk to your parents about your nutrition struggles:



Resources not mentioned, but helpful:

  • E-book for parents: Fueling Your High School Runner (ps this is helpful for all athletes, not just runners)


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