what is this episode about?

In this episode I talk with Eating Disorder Recovery Coach Meg McCabe who shares her personal story, how she overcame an eating disorder, and how she helps others do the same. 


Meg’s eating disorder began in high school while striving to become a model. When she did sign a modeling contract in New York City her eating disorder was exacerbated. Between the pressures of the modeling industry, her own personal challenges of identity, Meg made the brave decision to leave New York City and pursue recovery. 


Her personal journey with food, body, recovery, and even sport and exercise is what has allowed her to guide so many others towards recovery. After healing herself she became a CCI Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach and Life Coach. She is the Founder of The Recovery Collective and host of her own podcast (i highly recommend it!) The Full and Thriving Podcast. Meg helps clients from all over the world break free from food obsession and live a life that's present, light-hearted and meaningful!


To learn more about Meg head to meg-mccabe.com or follow along on istagram @Meg_McCabe

@the_recoverycollective and listen to the Full and Thriving Podcast!

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