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Dr. Emily Kraus specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation sports medicine and takes a unique approach to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of sports injuries in athletes of all ages. Together we chat about the basics of bone health and bone impact with Female Athlete Triad, Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) and Low Energy Availability. We discuss bone injuries from lack of nutrition and imbalanced hormones vs. overuse injuries. We discuss the importance of hormones in bone health and priorities for athletes to prevent bone injuries. This episode is packed with knowledge from two specialists in these topics and you'll want to pay close attention!


Official Bio: Dr. Kraus is currently a clinical assistant professor at Stanford Children’s Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center. She is involved in multiple Stanford IRB-approved research projects, including The Healthy Runner Project, a multicenter prospective interventional study focused on bone stress injury prevention in collegiate middle and long distance runners. Dr. Kraus also spends time performing gait analysis at the Stanford RunSafe Injury Prevention Program and serves as a medical advisors for the Adaptive Sports Injury Prevention Program at the Palo Alto VA. She has research and clinical interests in endurance sports medicine, injury prevention, running biomechanics, the prevention of bone stress injuries in collegiate athletes and the promotion of health and wellness at any age of life. She has completed nine marathons including Boston Marathon twice and one 50k ultramarathon. With running and staying physically active as one of her personal passions, she recognizes the importance of fitness for overall wellbeing and the prevention of chronic medical conditions.

Connect with Dr. Kraus on Twitter: @emilykrausmd and Instagram: @emilykrausmd and @emilykrausmd_sportscience

Or visit her website: www.emilykrausmd.com

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