what is this episode about?

In this episode I explain my personal experience, symptoms and recovery from COVID-19 and how it influenced my nutrition and training. Please remember this podcast is not suitable medical advice and is not reflective of everybody's experiences with coronavirus. I share how I listened to my body to tailor my training, and how in hindsight I would have done things different in my rehabilitation and return to run, including a bit more diaphragmatic breathing and yoga. I also share how important it is to continue nourishing your body through a sickness, while also remembering that nutrition is best as a preventative medicine. I discuss the role that Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Magnesium, and Zinc may play in coronavirus and fighting off respiratory infections.


If you find that you struggle with your nutrition during times of adversity, that is exactly why having a nutrition coach can be helpful. From helping you fuel for peak performance, as well as through sickness and injury. 


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