what is this episode about?

Today I chat with fellow dietitian Reshaunda Thornton RD, CSSD, consultant, Tedx Speaker, Author, and Podcast host. Reshaunda has her own private practice, Better Vessel, located in St. Louis Missouri, and educates and empowers people across the globe through her podcast "The Dietitians Against Diets". Today we discuss how she became "against diets", how she motivates and inspires her clients to live healthier lives. We also talk about our careers as dietitians, how as athletes we are motivated to help others, and about the her book, Play To Win The Food Fight which can be purchased using the links below.


Reshaunda's Podcast: https://anchor.fm/reshaunda-thornton0

Reshaunda's Book: https://reshaundathornton.com/book/

Reshaunda's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thedietitianagainstdiets/

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