what is this episode about?

In this episode I chat with Jonathan Levitt, Jonathan is the sales manager and endurance team manager at InsideTracker, helping athletes navigate their journey towards optimal health and performance. We chat a lot about how InsideTracker, the personalized nutrition system that analyzes data from your blood DNA and habits can help athletes and people of all walks of life. And we also chat about Jonathan's personal journey with running as a marathoner and ultra-runner, and his journey with nutrition and health throughout the years. We mention oatmeal quite a bit ;) Outside of InsideTracker, Jonathan hosts his own podcast For The Long Run and can be found running around the trails and roads of Boulder, Colorado.


As mentioned, anybody interested in purchasing InsideTracker for themselves can use the code: RISEUPNUTRITION for 20% off!


Head to insidetracker.com for more information or to purchase and get results & an action plan to take your health into your own hands, today!


Also connect with Jonathan on Instagram and twitter @jwlevitt and tune into his own amazing podcast where he interviews many runners, For The Long Run

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