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what is this episode about?

In this episode I chat with professional runner Dani Shanahan about running, injury, and food of course! We chat about her recent PRs in the 5k and 10k which were followed by injury and the challenges that she has faced as she keeps the long term goal of proper recovery in mind. With that, we address nutrition changes during injury (or more appropriately I should say, nutrition changes that shouldn't happen during injury). Dani shares her enjoyment of food and we talk about how "emotional eating" like eating ice cream or a good grilled cheese can bring comfort during certain times and shouldn't be something that is demonized! We also discuss the challenge she faces with nutrition when her mileage & training increases and how she keeps up with it all as part of her job to train AND fuel!


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Dani Shanahan's full bio is below:

Dani is a professional runner and member of Hoka Northern Arizona Elite. A graduate of Loyola Marymount University, she signed with Hoka and NAZ Elite in 2018. After a first few years that showed potential but not many breakthroughs, Dani ran under the Olympic Standard at the Sound Running Track Meet last December, clocking 31:22 in the 10k, a personal best of one minute. A few months later she followed up that breakthrough performance with a 9 second 5k PR , running 15:17. Currently, Dani is coming back from an injury that sidelined her for the rest of the spring and is looking forward to getting fit for this fall.


Connect with Dani on Instagram @danishani

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