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In this episode, I speak to registered nurse and hypnosis for permanent weight loss coach, Leslie M Thornton. Leslie shares her early entry into diet culture, disordered eating habits and fad diets as a child. These early experiences left their mark on Leslie into her adult life, something which her work with the unconscious mind has revealed.


We touch upon the comparison trap and fear of what other people think of the way we look. After dispelling this myth and embracing hypnotherapy, Leslie explains how she started to accept her body and develop a healthier relationship with food and her body image.


Leslie describes the workings of our unconscious mind, how it processes 90% of our thoughts and brain activity, whereas only 10% comes from the conscious mind. Hypnotherapy allowed Leslie to quieten her conscious mind enough to then prime her unconsciousness with empowering and affirming messages. Hypnosis can help individuals explore their own internal biases and find freedoms from fears around food, body image, weight changes, performance and more. As a hypnosis coach working virtually, Leslie’s approach is highly individualized and personalized to each client’s needs, and can be thought of more as a journey than a quick fix.


This conversation focuses more on how reworking the blueprint of our unconsciousness can have permanent and long-lasting results on our happiness, feelings and beliefs, independent of our weight and body shape, than it does on weight loss.



Leslie’s Bio


Leslie M Thornton is a registered nurse and hypnosis for permanent weight loss coach. Leslie Thornton used to always be thinking about food, body, and weight. She always wished that if she had 3 wishes from a genie that she could eat whatever she wanted and never gain any weight. Thinking this would always be her cross to bear, Leslie just about gave up, when she stumbled upon hypnosis and everything changed.



Find Leslie her own podcast ‘Hypnosis For Permanent Weight Loss podcast’, and website https://lesliemthornton.com/

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