The drive to be perfect & achieve greatness has lead up to 45% of female athletes to disordered eating … 

I knew I wanted to be fast. But I had no idea the path it would take me down.


It started off so simple:

Write a calorie controlled meal plan

Cut out bad carbs

Avoid dessert

I can do that.

Mental strength was never a problem.

I know I have control over food!

But when I wasn’t getting results, I felt like I had to take more extreme measures.

I train my butt off every day, but somehow, I’m still unhappy with my body. 

More than unhappy. I hate it.

And now … I’m injured. Sidelined.​

I see the other girls, stick thin and fast.

What are they eating?

Or not eating?

 . . . I’ll do whatever it takes.

I’ll write my calories in a journal every night.

I’ll eat a little less than today.

I’ll skip dinner with the girls.

And I’ll squeeze in an extra run in the morning.

The plan seems perfect and I can close my eyes hoping for a better tomorrow

But then the voice in my head gets louder…

I’m hungry.

What if I gain weight?

What if my injury returns?

What if I never live up to the expectations?

What if I’m a failure?

If these are the things keeping you up at night …

I get it, I’ve been there too.


Senior year of college, injured, and realizing I wasn’t the great runner I thought I was…

I stood in the bathroom after finishing dinner that made me bloated…

And became furious at myself for eating more than I needed.

After nearly 8 years of track and field and 4 years of competing at the collegiate level, I still wasn’t as good as I wantedto be. 

I wasn’t as fast as I wanted to be.

I wasn’t as lean as I wanted to be.
And now I was dealing with an injury where I couldn’t burn off as many calories as usual.

On top of that -  I was studying nutrition! 

I should be thinner and have a competitive advantage of using food as fuel compared to other runners!

I knew that gaining weight while injured was the last thing I needed. So I did extra abs, stuck to a strict meal plan, and drank more water to stave off my hunger. 

But that night, cravings hit…and I overate...

So there in the bathroom, hating my body, desperate to be the runner I had to potential to be

… I made myself throw up. 

The act of throwing up involved many emotions 

Relief and accomplishment . . . 

Combined with regret, shame, and disgust…

But the worst feeling of them all ….

I felt like a fraud.

I was studying to become a dietitian.

I had learned about the dangers of eating disorders, I knew how to eat healthy, I knew how to control my diet

And here I was…. Restricting my food then forcing myself to throw up after a meal.

But in that moment, I realized something that changed me forever….  


Nutrition is so much more than looking a certain way or being in good physical health… your personal relationship with food and your body is just as important. 

I realized in that moment that if I truly wanted to be a role model for nutrition, I would have to stop giving in to the external pressures to look a certain way. 

I committed to ignoring the diet and weight-focused culture that surrounded me ...and instead, I took an inward journey to focus on fueling MY body and MY mind. I committed to embracing using “food as fuel” for my body, truly practicing “everything in moderation” and believing in “health at every size.”


And amazingly, 

When I stopped caring about losing...

I started winning.

>> Since then, nutrition has never been a limiting factor in my athletic performance. I became fitter, stronger, and faster than ever.

Never again have I had a mental battle over what to eat – or not to eat - or how much.

I feel confident in my food choices, whether I'm eating a salad or a triple chocolate milkshake.

And even more, I feel confident in my body now that I can focus my energy on training  and enjoying life once again.

But I learned one very important thing…

Eating disorders do not discriminate. Anybody is at risk, at any time. 

That’s why nearly 35% of college athletes show signs of developing anorexia and 58% show signs of bulimia.

The numbers are similar as you get younger or older… 42% of high school female athletes report disordered eating and 25% of all eating disorder-related hospitalizations are people over the age of 45.

These athletes with disordered eating are more likely to have menstrual dysfunction, low bone mineral density, and a much higher injury risk, compromising their health and their success as an athlete. 

But I refuse to let that be the story moving forward. . . 

Which is why I built the Female Athlete System of Transformation – the F.A.S.T track to overcome disordered eating and fuel your body for performance, no matter what’s going on in your head or what level of performance you are competing at right now.

It’s the same process that helped me never restrict, purge, compensate, under-eat, over-eat, or even over-exercise ever again…all while maintaining an ideal body weight that I am comfortable and confident in, AND competing in marathons and mountain races.

And to be honest, I got sick of seeing so many athletes not getting the help they needed. 

The Female Athlete System of Transformation is not a “diet plan” that only works while eating certain foods. It’s not a meal plan, a magic pill, or a band-aid solution that only covers part of what’s needed. 

It’s the full recipe to help athletes

  • Fuel their bodies to perform at their highest level … (without a crazy diet)

  • Overcome eating disorder behaviors, Female Athlete Triad, or Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (without giving up your athletic goals!)

  • Adopt a mindset of empowerment and self confidence in their bodies … (even if you don’t have any right now)

 ... and WIN MORE while doing it.

The recipe works … but it doesn’t work for everyone. You must already:

  1. Recognize that you need a change in your nutrition & mindset

  2. Be an action taker

  3. Be fully committed to reaching your goals.

So if that’s you, then the Female Athlete System of Transformation might be a good fit for you.

And if you want to see if you’d be a good fit, I want to offer you a free call with me.


On the call we would dig into where your nutrition is at currently, what you have tried (or haven’t), what’s working and what’s not, and get clarity around what you would need to focus on to fuel to your highest level of performance.You can start by booking a time for us to chat on the phone - its free :)

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