Running Athletic Women

strict dieting!

With Rise Up Nutrition's group coaching program you will find out how to:

  • Fuel with sports nutrition for day to day training

  • Eat intuitively, with foods you love!

  • Be race-day ready with energy and confidence!

We care about results...

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I waited a really long time to get help with my nutrition, and even though I thought I knew a lot about food and health needs, I was way off in my fueling and Lindsey has given me the confidence to repair the damage I've been doing by over training and under fueling. I really encourage anyone who has struggled with  eating and/or restricting and lives an active lifestyle to consider this program because it's so hard to know if you're fueling properly without someone on the outside looking at your lifestyle from an objective point of view. I now feel confident in my food choices and more than anything, confident that I can eat more and that it will only benefit my health and my training.

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Bike Race

Triathlete & Iron(wo)man

I would say for anyone that is struggling with diet culture, a history of disordered eating, and is trying to learn how to eat and fuel, this is a program they should consider.   I've been active my whole life (dance, cheerleading, crossfit, and now endurance sports), and trying to fit a mainstream diet has never worked, and created more problems than good.  Working with you has made things very simple and there is enough material that I can reference for a long time while still continuing to work with you.  I'm very excited to continue with this program!

Marathon Runner

This program has truly changed my life and will continue to as I have made the principles of it part of my daily living. My running has improved, and  my overall health has improved. I’m still working on completely aligning my nutrition with what is best for my body, but I have learned so much, and so many things have changed in my mind about how I feel about food. Now I have the tools to successfully make that happen and I feel confident in using them. Fears I have had have been erased. I told a friend yesterday that I have begun eating a lot more food, and “look at me, nothing bad happened, actually quite the opposite!” I feel so much better, both physically, and emotionally about food. This is truly life-changing, and I would recommend that every female athlete, really every female or even every person would go through a program like this! 

Introducing . . . 

Rise Up Nutrition Group Coaching

for adult female athletes of all levels. . .

Are you waiting for “someday” to get improve your nutrition and fuel better?


You know that “someday” never really comes, just like “tomorrow.” 


Why put your success off for another day when you can have it now by joining our group coaching program to get the individualized attention, support, guidance, and nutrition COACHING you need to make a lasting change.

You are probably confused by the overwhelming amount of nutrition information in our world today, exhausted by the repeated messages of "eat less", and frustrated by your lack of energy and performance despite your hard work.

By joining this program you will have ongoing coaching from trusted sources, Registered Sports Dietitians, and the tools and resources to start fueling better, without strict dieting, and instead with confidence in your food!

This quote by Hillel the Elder says it all: 

“If not now, WHEN?”

Make this the day you start fueling for YOUR body’s needs and stop limiting your potential as a female athlete. 

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This program is perfect for you if you are ...

  • Adult competitive* female athletes who wants to 

    • Fuel well and perform better without strict dieting, calorie counting, or feeling restricted.

    • Improve day to day nutrition for more energy.

    • Have clarity and understanding during different training cycles and competitions/races.

    • Feel more confident and less confused in making daily fueling choices, grocery shopping and meal planning

  • Over the age of 25​

*What does competitive mean? 

Sure, you could be a sponsored or pro athlete but more so ... it means you take your training seriously for a specific goal, even if that goal is to run your first ever 5k!


We welcome all levels & all sports!

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this program is not for you if ...

  • You are currently struggling with an eating disorder 

    • I have another more appropriate program for you! Please set up a phone call to learn more​

  • Are in high school, college, or are a youth athlete

    • I have another more appropriate program for you! Please set up a phone call to learn more!​

  • Are looking to loose weight fast.

    • This program may help you reach your weight goals, however it is not a weight-focused, nor a weight-loss, program We are PERFORMANCE-FOCUSED.​


Whats Included ...

  • A 1-hour kick off consult with your Sports Dietitian to review:

    • Your current struggles & goals

    • In- depth nutrient analysis based on current eating

    • Personalized nutrition action plan to improve

  • Bloodwork by Inside Tracker (Essentials Plan) with customized action plan 

  • 12-weeks (about 12 hours) of education and training on various nutrition topics that are EASY to understand and implement. Topics include:

    • Sports Nutrition Fundamentals

    • Female Athlete Specific Fueling Needs

    • Intuitive Eating Practices

  • Weekly Zoom calls to ask questions and get direct feedback on your nutrition & training. 

  • Access to a small group and community of other female athletes for support

  • Weekly accountability check ins from your Nutrition Coach

  • ​Lifetime access* to our secure client portal with a food, mood & exercise journal as well as:

    • 12- weeks of sample menu's, recipes & meals plans

    • Over 30 educational handouts on various nutrition topics

There is a minimum 3 month commitment 

*Lifetime access to resources as long as Rise Up Nutrition is in business (which we plan to be!). After program completion, food journal, group access, and coaching is discontinued but you can refer back to modules education & resources!
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After signing up you will hear from Rise Up Nutrition within 48 business hours to confirm your program & schedule your kick off call!

If you need to reach us contact:


The sign up page will take 10-15 minutes to fill out a questionnaire about your nutrition, health, and training.

You will need a credit card ready as it will take payment at the end of the form.

You can pay in full $1500 or a payment plan of $500/month

*If necessary, refunds available prior to program confirmation (within 48 hours).