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Do you have, or think you might be struggling with RED-S: Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport? Many female athletes with RED-S or female athlete triad  will benefit from this RED-S Recovery Guide & Recipes as a great starting point for their recovery process!


...OR if you are already getting help for RED-S but want some great recipes to fuel you & support you in this process, then you will also benefit from this guide as we have 12 unique recipes with amounts, poritons, and ingredients specifically targeted for female atheltes recovering from RED-S!


The guide expresses that individualization and guidance throughout RED-S Recovery is often needed. But for many, it may not be the right time for 1:1 help, or they want to get started on their own first ... in which case, this guide is the perfect place to start!



  • What is RED-S
  • Training & Exercise Tips
  • Fueling & Nutrition Tips
  • General Grocery Shopping List
  • 2-day Sample Menu
  • Sample 1 Week Grocery List
  • RED-S Recipes (12 total)
    • 2 Breakfast
    • 2 Lunch
    • 2 Dinner
    • 6 Snacks


This guide does not provide calorie or macronutrient information as individuzation with a sports dietitian is needed to determine your unique fueling needs. Further this is not a replacement for medical care!

RED-S Recovery Guide & Recipes

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