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Volleyball Team

Sports Nutrition Team Toolkit

let our nutrition team

help your athletic team!

With nearly 2,000 NCAA programs across all 3 divisions,

only 5% have a full-time sports dietitian on staff. Most of these are in the Power 5 conferences.


That leaves a lot of schools, and a lot of athletes, without proper nutrition support. Not to mention the lack of guidance in high schools, charter schools, or private club teams!


What if we could level the playing field by giving more athletes & teams reliable sports nutrition education?

Sport Tactics

You've been training your team all season.

They are physically and mentally ready for the big day ...

Ready to crush their competition and prove their athletic abilities!


And 5 minutes before the competition, your top athlete is eating Hot Cheeto's on the sidelines....

while another is running off to the bathroom because their lunch didn't settle well ...

And yet another is complaining that they never ate lunch at all!

But have no fear - the Sports Nutrition Team Toolkit and my team of dietitians can help train your team to fuel better!

Let MY nutrition team, help YOUR athletic team.

We are athletes ourselves. And we have worked with 100s of athletes over the years. We know how powerful sports, exercise, and competition is in shaping who you are and what you could be. As sports dietitians, Rise Up Nutrition is ready to empower your athletes with the sports nutrition they need to fuel to perform! 

Access the Sports Nutrition Team Toolkit now for immediate help with your team, for years to come!


Then get in touch to see how else we may be able to help your team through customized presentations or consultations.

Sport Tactics

With the sports nutrition
team toolkit 
you'll have access to:


sports nutrition 101: Fueling fundamentals
60 minute video for athletes covering topics of​

Macronutrients overview,
Nutrient Timing, Performance Plates, Hydration,
Products to consider

the ultimate guide to female athlete nutrition 3.png

sports nutrition 102: performance specifics
60 minute video for athletes covering topics of

Pre & Post training fuel,
Game or Meet Day fueling,
Safe & effective supplements

the ultimate guide to female athlete nutrition 2.png

12 pages of informational handouts &
17 fueling recipes 

Recipes are dorm-room friendly and ideal for the "beginner" cook.


20 minute video: Red flags of RED-S

Options to upgrade to live sessions, Q&A, or further in depth topics

More resources available for coaches & athletes

begin  your team
nutrition training today

Sports Nutrition Team Toolkit

sports nutrition
team toolkit

  • Welcome Video & Resources for coaches

  • Sports Nutrition 101: Fueling Fundamentals​ for athletes

  • Sports Nutrition 102: Performance Specific Fueling​ for athletes

  • Bonus Video: RED-S & Red Flags​

  • Athlete Package for Download & Distribution​ with recipes

online modules include:



for your entire 


all presented by me!

Lindsey Cortes MS RD CSSD


  • Life-time Access! Re-usable year after year

  • Gender & Sport-Neutral

  • Ideal for High School,  College & Club Teams

  • Options for further consulting and/or live team presentations

Join Now Anchor
Kirk Reynolds and Emma DeLira
of Pomona-Pitzer

"Lindsey has provided invaluable help and information for our varsity collegiate team of men and women. She is highly knowledgeable and connects well with our students. Lindsey provides sound nutritional advice, and our team loves hearing her speak about fueling and healthful eating. We love her!"

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