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unfortunately i am not taking clients at this time

When my second son Levi was born with a rare and life threatening genetic disorder in May of 2023 I knew business was going to need to change...but I didn't know how. I took maternity leave for 3 months, then I struggled for 3 months trying to 'keep up' while jugging business, babies, medical appointments, hospital visits and more. Finally in December of 2023 I decided that I could no longer work 1:1 with clients. I am still navigating what business CAN look like moving forward in 2024 and beyond but at this time my focus has to me my children and their health. So for now, I have shut down the F.A.S.T program and applications for 1:1 work. You CAN still enroll in the Online Course. And you can still benefit from what I offer in the Shop.  Otherwise my two biggest tips to help you find fueling success are:

1. Tune into the free podcast - with an episode released every week. Here you'll also stay up to date with any business updates and offerings.

2. Sign up for my email list. Aside from more helpful content from time to time, this will also be where you will hear from me if and when I have business updates or am taking clients again. 

I hope to re-vamp the website to reflect these changes but all in due time ...

Thank you for understanding,

Lindsey Cortes

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