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Up to 45% of female athletes deal with some form of disordered eating. Many others restrict their eating in a way that may be harmful to their performance. These athletes are more likely to have menstrual dysfunction, low bone mineral density, RED-S, Female Athlete Triad, and a much higher injury risk...compromising their health and severely limiting their success as an athlete. 

What if we can change all that?

It doesn’t matter what undesirable or “not-so-great” food habits you may be doing right now ... the only way to make it to the next level is to turn this around ...

Make food your fuel and your friend ... give yourself the competitive advantage you need... before health issues, injuries, or stagnant performance impact your athletic career and more.

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What You’ll Get

This F.A.S.T. program helps you:

  • OVERCOME disordered eating

  • HEAL from RED-S, Female Athlete Triad & Amenorrhea

  • Feel CONFIDENT in your daily nutrition choices

  • Be more ACCEPTING of your body

  • PERFORM BETTER in your sport

What’s Included in this 12-Week Program:

  • Nutrition, Mindset & Performance lessons delivered virtually

  • One on one coaching calls with Sports Dietitians

  • Individualized Nutrition Analysis & Action Plans

  • Personalized Meal Plan & Supplement Programming

to make it better

you also get:

  • GROUP support & accountability

  • MINDSET coaching

  • UNLIMITED chat support

  • LIFETIME access to our materials & community

  • RESOURCES & support for parents (if needed)

This is NOT...

A one-size-fits-all diet plan that only works while eating certain foods. There are no “magic” pills or quick solutions that may only be a temporary fix.

It’s an opportunity

...to change your nutrition and mindset to improve your nutrition today and transform your nutrition for a lifetime...with the help of expert coaches dedicated to your personal and athletic success. 


But let’s be honest...It will take work and dedication on your part. If you are an ACTION TAKER fully committed to reaching your goals, F.A.S.T can provide transformative results.


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Because if you don't change ... nothing changes.

"This Changed my Life"


The 12-week F.A.S.T. Program is an investment in your athletic career. And, honestly, it may be the most important nutrition investment you make for a lifetime!

It’s your opportunity to confidently take control of your nutrition and ignore the fads, misinformation, and disordered eating traps so many female athletes fall into. 

Recover from whatever situation you're currently in & save yourself from

worsening outcomes of not fueling properly.

Lindsey, Sports Dietitian & Nutrition Coach.png


NCAA & Professional Sports Dietitian, Competitive Runner, & Entrepreneur

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Lindsey is the premier expert in the sports nutrition industry helping athletes fuel their body... THE RIGHT WAY.

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