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Did you know that simply going  "on a diet" is the single strongest predictor of an eating disorder is teen girls...

And did you know that upwards of 90% of young adults use the internet for nutrition information...

with most children & teens using social media up to 5 hours a day ...


So the question is ... do you trust the diet & nutrition information that your daughters are absorbing on the internet every day?

(My bet ... no)

Ensure your daughter is exposed to reliable & helpful nutrition information TODAY by enrolling her in FUEL SCHOOL!


FUEL SCHOOL is way for our youth to learn what they aren't in school: How to fuel their body with good nutrition!


. . . Or perhaps to UNLEARN the toxic nutrition message they see on the internet!

In this 6-week program your daughter will

  • LEARN fueling fundamentals through 6-week modules on the topics of:

    • Food as Fuel​

    • Carbs to Energize

    • Proteins to Build

    • Fats to Protect

    • Vitamins & Minerals to Function

    • Hydration to Transport

  • IMPLEMENT a weekly recipe challenge to get in the kitchen and explore new foods & simple recipes.

  • DISCUSS their unique personal needs with their Sports Dietitian during 1:1 sessions.

  • PERFORM better in their sport with specific sports-nutrition guidance from their dietitian, analyzing their unique needs.

Gymnasts Practicing

to get started:

The 6-week FUEL SCHOOL is accompanied by sessions with a sports dietitian. So to get started, we want to get to know your daughter and match her with a sports dietitian on our team who will best help her! After reviewing your application we'll schedule a quick phone call to discuss next steps!

Lindsey, Sports Dietitian & Nutrition Coach.png


NCAA & Professional Sports Dietitian, Competitive Runner, & Entrepreneur

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Lindsey is the premier expert in the sports nutrition industry helping athletes fuel their body... THE RIGHT WAY.

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