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the Female
nutrition course

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12 Modules to study at your own pace

with over 7 hours of instructional Video Training led by Lindsey Cortes MS RD CSSD, alongside DOZENS of downloadable handouts, WEEKLY sample meal plans with recipes corresponding to the 12-modules ... all yours to learn, implement, and keep forever!

Topics include: Fueling Fundamentals, Pre & Post Workout, Grocery Tips, Fueling to your Female Hormones

You know that “someday” isn’t a real day of the week- right? 

Meanwhile you scroll social media or chat with your friends about nutrition and get more and more confused and conflicted … 

Why put your athletic success off for another day when you can have it now by joining The Ultimate Guide to Female Athlete Nutrition Online Self-Study Course? 

There is nothing else out there this comprehensive & specific to female athletes available at your finger tips now!


What You’ll Get

module topics:

  • Module 1: A Crash Course on Female Athlete Fueling Fundamentals

  • Module 2: Role of Carbohydrates and breaking free from "diet culture"

  • Module 3: Role of Protein & Hunger/Fullness Cue Awareness

  • Module 4: Role of Fats & Letting go of Food Rules

  • Module 5: Grocery Shopping Tips & Making Balanced Meals

  • Module 6: Vitamins & Minerals to Focus on

  • Module 7: Pre & Post Workout Fuel & Hydration 

  • Module 8: Concepts of Intuitive Eating for Athletes

  • Module 9: Women in Sport & Role of Our Hormones

  • Module 10: Fueling & Training to Your Menstrual Cycle

  • Module 11: Building Better Body Image

  • Module 12: Summary, "graduation" and feedback forms.


  • VIDEO & WRITTEN CONTENT including handouts, recipes & meal plans

  • EVERGREEN: Access all modules instantly, learn at your own pace, and keep forever.

  • ABILITY TO ADD 1:1 SESSIONS: If you want to personalize your course, you can add 1:1 sessions to compliment the course - just give us a call to upgrade! See below for more.

if you...

Want to LEARN PRACTICAL NUTRITION specifically tailored to Female Athletes . . . 

. . . ARE MOTIVATED to implement information on your own

. . . and are not struggling with medical concerns, disordered eating, or RED-S that would warrant further 1:1 help...

then this course is for you!

A going-rate for a 1:1 session with a dietitian is $100 per hour.

With over 12 modules jam-packed with information, it's as if you are visiting your dietitian Lindsey for 12 sessions, making this course valued at $1200!

... But there's more!

There are sample meal plans, recipe challenges, downloadable handouts all yours to keep forever ...

Truly, a LIFETIME of knowledge and resources valued at well over $1500!

You can access all of this NOW for just $499.00

A HUGE SAVINGS to help female athletes who are motivated to take action today and fuel better!

don't delay!

what others are saying
these athletes loved the course

Female Soccer Players
Woman Rock Climbing

Ariana o'brien
elite rock climber & college student

As a college student and an elite-level climber, this course was very helpful in covering some of the signs and symptoms that I, and many others, have experienced at some point in my life.

 I also enjoyed learning about how to train/eat aligned with my period, which is a unique and often overlooked part of fueling. I recommend at least taking this course, and I believe that anyone can benefit from it.

Cali Photo.jpeg

Cali Schweikart
professional obstacle course racer, cscs

I love how Lindsey makes the course feel almost like a personal consultation with the way she explains each topic and keeps it engaging. Lindsey is a phenomenal dietitian and teacher and I would recommend her course and her guidance to just about anyone!

Dana photo.png

Dana Duckworth
former ncaa head coach alabama gymnastics

I believe this program can help current athletes as well as adults that have exhausted competing but are still extremely active because Lindsey’s training ultimately impacts the present and the future. We all know one thing, what we will do the rest of our lives is eat… might as well do it free from guilt, based on facts and science and enjoy the non-diet, unrestrictive philosophy!

Join Now Anchor

begin your female athlete nutrition online course now!


for a lifetime of
& fueling

Interested in adding 1:1 sessions to personalize your course? 

Please fill out the form below to get in touch with Lindsey and she'll link you up with a dietitian on our team to help you personalize this process!

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NCAA & Professional Sports Dietitian, Competitive Runner, & Entrepreneur

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Lindsey is the premier expert in the sports nutrition industry helping athletes fuel their body... THE RIGHT WAY.

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