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12- video modules

over 7 hours of instructional video training


dozens of downloadable handouts


weekly meal plans & dozens of recipes

topics include: Fueling to perform, intuitive eating, female athlete specific fueling!

led by Lindsey Cortes MS RD CSSD

YOURS TO KEEP forever!!

to study at your own pace

to fuel as you learn!


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the fundamentals of performance fueling with nutrient timing, pre & post workout, & hydration

How to periodize nutrition to your female cycle including key nutrients for female athletes: iron, proteins, anti-inflammatories

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. . . intuitive eating concepts to enjoy your food and fuel for a lifetime without restriction or limitation

while avoiding the biggest mistakes & pitfalls of female athletes including avoiding red-s! 

Are you waiting for “someday” to get this whole nutrition thing figured out?

You know that “someday” isn’t a real day of the week- right? 

Meanwhile you scroll social media or chat with your friends about nutrition and get more and more confused and conflicted … 

Why put your athletic success off for another day when you can have it now by joining The Ultimate Guide to Female Athlete Nutrition Online Self-Study Course? 

There is nothing else out there this comprehensive & specific to female athletes available at your finger tips now!

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for a lifetime of


When i work 1 on 1 with clients

there is a lot of teaching on my part, and learning on theirs...

And I get it, in a world of information over-load you THINK you already know nutrition.

But at the same time ... you're confused as all heck!

Something still isn't working for you.

So let me ask you this:

Is the nutrition information that you've been reading specifically for female athletes?!

Does it keep in mind the prevention of RED-S and disordered eating?!

Does it have your performance in mind as a top priority?

Is it SIMPLE and easy to implement in your life?

No. I didn't think so.

THAT is what this course is for.

When I work 1:1 with clients, or those enrolled in the Female Athlete System of Transformation, I provide modules to get the fundamental knowledge of female athlete fueling and easy -to-implement resources at a client's fingertips. And despite clients who "thought they knew it all" .... they are still amazed at what they didn't know or how they weren't implementing it properly.

So I've compiled this life changing information for you in a 12-module online self study course, available for instant access!


  • Wants to LEARN nutrition specifically tailored to female athletes
  • Is MOTIVATED TO implement it on your own without 1:1 coaching
  • and isn't struggling with disordered eating, RED-s, injury or nutritional deficiencies that would warrant individualized help,

I created this course so that I could spread the good news about female athlete fueling to the masses!


Not everybody has the need for 1:1 coaching, but everybody deserves access to information on female athlete fueling.

A going-rate for a 1:1 session with a dietitian is $100 per hour.

With over 12 modules jam-packed with information, it's as if you are visiting your dietitian Lindsey for 12 sessions, making this course valued at $1200!

... But there's more!

There are sample meal plans, recipe challenges, downloadable handouts all yours to keep forever ...

Truly, a LIFETIME of knowledge and resources valued at well over $1500!

You can access all of this NOW for just $499.00

A HUGE SAVINGS to help female athletes who are motivated to take action today and fuel better!

what others are saying

these athletes loved the course

Woman Wall Climbing

Ariana o'brien

elite rock climber & college student

As a college student and an elite-level climber, this course was very helpful in covering some of the signs and symptoms that I, and many others, have experienced at some point in my life.


This course is great as it goes through the basics of how to overcome some of these preconceived ideas about diet and "calories in vs. calories out" by consistent and intentional fueling. I also enjoyed learning about how to train/eat aligned with my period, which is a unique and often overlooked part of fueling. I recommend at least taking this course, and I believe that anyone can benefit from it.

Cali Photo.jpeg

Cali Schweikart

professional obstacle course racer, cscs

I love how Lindsey makes the course feel almost like a personal consultation with the way she explains each topic and keeps it engaging. Lindsey is a phenomenal dietitian and teacher and I would recommend her course and her guidance to just about anyone!
This Ultimate Guide to Female Athlete Nutrition is an extremely thorough and comprehensive collection of all of the information I wish I had access to in some of my formative years as a young female athlete. It takes so much important information and really explains all of it in great detail, but also in such a way that is easy to understand, which makes such complicated topics much less overwhelming.

Dana photo.png

Dana Duckworth

former ncaa head coach alabama gymnastics

I absolutely benefited personally from The Ultimate Guide to Female Athlete Nutrition online course. The program is jam packed with helpful, honest and scientific nutritional information. I respect the very detailed advice, examples and delivery that stems from a clinical perspective and from Lindsey’s passion to help the performance athlete not only thrive but change their relationship with nutrition. 
I believe this program can help current athletes as well as adults that have exhausted competing but are still extremely active because Lindsey’s training ultimately impacts the present and the future. We all know one thing, what we will do the rest of our lives is eat… might as well do it free from guilt, based on facts and science and enjoy the non-diet, unrestrictive philosophy!

don't delay - begin fueling now!

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