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Do you struggle with your iron? Many athletes do! But that's no excuse. Low iron can cause fatigue and worsening performance in athletes of all levels so ensuring appropriate iron levels is key!


In this guide, I am to empower you with the knowledge of improving your dietary intake of iron, monitoring your iron levels, and cooking up some delicious high iron meals! Though bloodwork and monitoring by a medical professional or dietitian is needed prior to supplementation, this guide does give some information about iron supplements and best practices.



  • The importance of iron in athletes
  • Signs & Symptoms of low iron
  • Information on Iron Supplements
  • High iron fuel list, heme & non-heme
  • 22 High Iron Meals with recipes
    • 16 Plant-based/ Vegan friendly Options
      • 4 Breakfast
      • 7 Lunch/Dinners
    • 3 Seafood Recipes
    • 3 Meat-based Recipes


This guideis not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure iron deficiency or other related disorders.

High Iron Fuel Ebook Guide & Recipes

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