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This fueling guide is more like a small book with practical "DO THIS" advice to fuel for distance running races made by Lindsey Elizabeth, sports dietitian, runner, and owner of Rise Up Nutrition! 


This guide is ideal for half-marathon to marathon distance races, though all runners can benefit from the knowledge. 


If you are just starting out in the world of distance running, you will want this information before making race-ending fueling mistakes. Learn to fuel right, from the start!


But even if you've run 15 marathons in your career, its still wise to check in on your nutrition from time to time. Too often I see the most experienced of runners making simple fueling mistakes. You could run faster...or recover stronger with the help of proper fueling, hydration, and recovery. 


And though I'm sure you've read magazine articles on nutrition, and talked to your running buddies about what to eat or not to eat... having a fool proof plan laid out right in front of you takes all the hassle of trial and error, or complicated internet searches deciphering nutritional science completely out of the equation.


This fueling guide is written in easy to understand terminology.

 Read it. Do it. Run it!




Page 3- Rise Up Nutrition Philosophy


Page 4- Fueling throughout Training


- Eat real meals

- Pre and post-run fuel

- Hydrate consistently


Page 8- Week of the Race Instruction


- Fueling considerations

-Do you need to carbo-load?

- Carbo-loading instructions & menu

- Non-carbo-loading menu

-Restaurant recommendations when traveling for a race


Page 15- Race Day


- Pre-race meal with more than 3 hours

- Pre-race meal with less than 3 hours

- During race carb fueling

- Carb product comparison

- Dehydration vs. overhydration

- Race day hydration plan

- Drinking to thirst


Page 23- Putting it all together


- Personalized Needs Calculator

Race Day Fueling Guide

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