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About Me


Dietitian, Entrepreneur, Athlete

Lindsey is the premier expert in the sports nutrition industry helping athletes fuel their body... THE RIGHT WAY.

➠  NCAA Division 1 Sports Dietitian

  Performance Dietitian for Special Operations & US Military

➠  Contributing Writer & Expert Editor

  Competitive Runner: 1st Place Austin Rattler 2019, 3:37 Marathon

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Lindsey is incredibly supportive, never judgmental, yet challenges your thinking at the same time. I highly highly recommend going through the program. Anyone who signs up will learn all the facets of eating: nutrition, athletic performance, enjoyment of it, and the mental side of it.

- Langley, 27, Rock Climber

A few months ago I was afraid of eating certain foods, afraid they would make me gain weight. But after working together, now I don't fear foods because my relationship with food is healed! And so is my body. I'm rebuilding after injury and able to use food as fuel to keep training. 

- Charlotte, 17, XC T&F


Rise Up nutrition?

There are very few dietitians that specialize in running

. . . Even fewer who manage eating disorders

. . . and even fewer who own a private practice!

Finding a specialized dietitian in your local area may be very challenging. 

So if solving your nutrition concerns once and for all is important to you, than look no further!

I work with high school runners and their parents, collegiate runners, and adult runners. I even work with those who exercise for health benefits or enjoyment, not for competition! And though running is my specialty, as a sports dietitian I can work with all athletes from basketball to tennis to football and more! 

how it works

Rise Up Nutrition is a 100% fully functioning virtual consulting service! It may seem odd but let me tell you the amazing benefits:

You choose the appointment time that works best for your schedule!

. . . No more wasted time driving or even changing out of your sweaty clothes to show up for the appointment.


College athlete? Busy Mom?  We can coordinate for weekends, nights, or early mornings as needed to work with your schedule. 

Through a client portal, I send you videos to learn sports nutrition and I assign goals and tasks to work towards.


You can watch, listen, and learn while stretching, walking home from class, or brushing your teeth.

 Plus with secure client portal messaging, we have unlimited communication. 


Stop Running in Circles.

Join for the FAST track to a winning diet.

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