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I’m Lindsey, Sports Dietitian & Nutrition Coach

Ready to overcome disordered eating and reach your athletic potential?

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1:1 Coaching

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Learn on Your Own 

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Coach & Athletes

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NCAA & Professional Sports Dietitian 

Competitive Runner


Lindsey Elizabeth

Registered Sports Dietitian

As an athlete, I know the importance of having a coach by your side, supporting you, motivating you, being there for the wins (and...well, the losses too).

My team and I are all athletes. We know the thrill of competition. The dedication it takes to reach the next level. We get IT! 

Throughout my competitive running career, I noticed a problem...Too many young athletes just went to their doctors, coaches, friends, or non-sports dietitians (whatever was free or covered by insurance). They were getting information about nutrition--but not necessarily FOCUSED GUIDANCE to fuel the unique needs and physical demands of female athletes. 

This is why I started 


I believe COACHING you on nutrition and working towards your goals is so much more effective than someone lecturing you at a clinic or doctor’s office. 

I help female athletes overcome disordered eating and perform at their highest level

As a female athlete that studied nutrition in college, I still felt overwhelmed not knowing how to fuel my body. This led to stagnant and worsening performance, and even developing disordered eating behaviors. Fortunately I found a way to stop this cycle of undereating, overeating, and compensating. I found a way to fuel my body for performance with confidence!


Discover how I’m helping other female athletes do the same.


That's right... for most athletes,  diets can actually hurt your performance.


So while you may be avoiding sweets, the truth is, figuring out this whole nutrition thing is sort of like baking a cake.


Even if you have all the ingredients, without a recipe it'll end up like a big pile of mush instead of a 3-tier masterpiece!


Well I say, its time to have your cake and eat it too (Literally!)

It starts with knowing the ingredients and the recipe to fueling your body for its peak performance.

Up to 45% of female athletes engage in some form of disordered eating

Which leads to injury, burn out, RED-S or Female Athlete Triad.... often ruining or ending a competitive career.

We want to help you PREVENT, FIX, OR REVERSE these devastating effects of disordered eating.


We sort out all the noise and misinformation about nutrition & show you how to approach food differently.
Food is not your enemy…it’s your fuel. You can use it to your advantage.


"Lindsey is super supportive"

My experience was amazing. Anyone who signs up will learn all facets of eating: nutrition, athletic performance, enjoyment of it, and the mental side of it. Lindsey is super supportive, never judgemental, yet challenges your thinking at the same time. I highly highly recommend going through the program.

- Langley,
Rock Climber and new Mom

I can't thank Lindsey enough

for her guidance with my daughter. She's given my daughter nutrition skills to last a lifetime, and I am now confident that my daughter's eating habits won't shorten her lifetime.  My daughter is running better than ever, and happily succeeding in her freshman year away at college. The program was worth every penny and more; there is nothing more important than I could have spent the money on.  I strongly recommend Rise Up Nutrition for people looking for coaching to meet the unique nutritional needs of an athlete.  

- Chris,
Parent of College Runner

"I definitely recommend"

Lindsey is amazing! She meets you where you are at and supports you through everything 100%. I was hesitant starting and was not sure if I would actually be able to overcome my thoughts and actions but Lindsey believed in me the whole way and never stopped encouraging me. Lindsey individualizes the program to you and makes you feel so cared for and understood. If you are interested in this program I definitely recommend it! 

- Jen,
Collegiate Athlete & Exercise Science Grad Student



NCAA & Professional Sports Dietitian, Competitive Runner, & Entrepreneur

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Lindsey is the premier expert in the sports nutrition industry helping athletes fuel their body... THE RIGHT WAY.

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